Why Does My Cat Do That???

Cats are funny and quirky and quintessentially feline, but have you every wondered why cats do the funny things that they do?  They knock things off the counter.  They follow you to the bathroom and do tons of other funny cat things. But why????

Let’s find out from Dr. Gary Landsberg, a veterinary behavorist! Listen now for Free by clicking here:



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My new site is going to be a great single stop for everything to take the best care of your pets.  We will have a page with links to coupons and rebates for pet products so you won’t have to search forever to find what you need. We will “vet” products and offers for you so you won’t have to.  With a single click, you will be able to see what’s happening on my calendar and check the progress of my next book. There will be links to my YouTube channel and the upcoming KatNipsTV video series.

The future looks fun and busy! http://www.drprimm.com

Finding a Need….

As I ponder marketing myself, my practice and my new book, I see that there is true wisdom in “filling a niche” marketing. I think my new book is entertaining and inspiring, invoking laughter and tears and reaching animal lovers and people who have overcome great obstacles. I have an opportunity to pitch it to agents in NYC this week.

When I look at the attached “tongue in cheek” photo that I found on Facebook, I lol (laugh out loud). These young entrepreneurs have exploited a very special niche. I haven’t found an audience with quite the drive that these young ladies have, but it would like to think that my book can meet a need for every animal lover and anyone who has overcome Traumatic Brain Injury or any huge roadblock to their future. 🙂 I will keep you posted about the new book!