NY Times Best Seller chats with Dr. Kat

Listen in on our chat! Gwen Cooper, author of My Life in a Cat House, is like someone you have always known. She is warm and friendly and we find out some of the “behind the scenes” scoop on her entertaining stories. This a favorite episode. Check it for FREE by clicking here.

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Fun Cat Facts! Did you know them all?


Quiz yourself. Did you know all of these? We talk with Modi Ramos, cat writer extraordinaire and explore these little known quirks and eccentricities about our feline friends. How many muscles does it take to move your cat’s ear? What is a Hemingway cat?  You will be amused and surprised by what Modi shares with us! Do you know any feline facts that we did not cover?  Share them with us! – See more at: https://www.petliferadio.com/ninelivesep36.html#sthash.tHj3SjyY.dpuf https://www.petliferadio.com/ninelivesep36.html

The “C Word”

The word cancer really scares us all, especially when it is your dog. How will you know how he feels? What if she is in pain? There are so many questions, but Dr. Sue Ettinger, cancer vet, helps us know the facts in this episode.

Don’t get scared. Get smart!

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