Treats can kill dogs!

The FDA has issued a warning to dog lovers.  Check this out!


Don’t miss these terrific new products that are on your cat’s wish list!

Your cat cannot live without these great new products! Mikkel Becker, lead trainer for Fear Free Pets, went to the Global Pet Expo and came back with a great product “run down”.

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The Psychology and Psychosis of the Human-Animal Bond

What makes an animal hoarder different from an animal lover? Why do people abuse and neglect animals? Is it normal to grieve a pet when it dies?  Dr. Art Markman joins us today about these and other intriguing things about the minds of humans when it comes to pets. His answers may surprise you!

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Would my cat eat me if I died? And more! Grisly, gruesome and gross episode of Nine Lives with Dr. Kat

Join us with Erika Engelhaupt, author of Gory Details blog on National Geographic as we talk about…(drum roll, please)

Would My Cat Eat Me If I Died?

How Deadly Are Kitten Kisses?

How Cats Are Keeping Big Cities Rat Free.

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