Why Does My Dog Stink?

All dogs smell bad sometimes, but how do you know when it is a big deal?






vet thumbnailAbout The Vet: Dr. Kathryn Primm is a small animal veterinarian. She owns a busy practice in Tennessee and loves sharing all kinds of animal facts and fun. She has consulted on articles for national magazines, done numerous radio interviews and appeared on local television. She has contributed to an article for Woman’s Day in Feb 2014 and Prevention magazine, April 2015.

She has a social media presence on TwitterFacebook and Google+ and enjoys interaction with others about her passions, animals and communication. She is a regular contributor to Boomeon, the online community which can be found at www.boomeon.com.  She has also written a book, Tennessee Tails:Pets and Their People. The book received recognition as Runner Up in the Memoirs category at a national book festival. You see an article that Dr. Primm contributed to in Prevention magazine (April 2015) and Woman’s Day (Feb 2014 and June 2015). Read more about Dr. Primm and how to get the best value for your pet care dollar at her website, www.drprimm.com.





2 thoughts on “Why Does My Dog Stink?

  1. You ask if we love our vet. Our vet is a very loving, caring woman named Chetica Maus DMV and I cannot imagine going anywhere else. She was with us when we lost our beloved Star to cancer, and now with the new rescue puppy we adopted named Kirby. We have so much faith in her that the humane society told us we could get Kirby’s shots cheaper with their vet, my husband said absolutely not, we used the best vet for Star and Kirby deserves the best, too. So he is now Dr. Maus patient as well. Thank you,
    Joan DeMarree
    Venice, FL


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