What Does Your Pet Say About the “Real You”?

Why do we choose friends?

Our friends are a reflection of who we are and who we want to be. Our pets are the friends we select.

There is a graphic going around on Social media that says:

“When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks, but celebrate them with glad cries of “Me, too!” be sure to cherish them. Those weirdos are your tribe.”

It’s true! It makes us feel good to be around others who understand us and we gravitate toward these relationships.

Perhaps, a more interesting question is: Can your pet determine your personality or reflect it? 

There is truth to this thought, and the best-selling book, The Animal in You by Roy Feinson, explores how the biological and social pressure influences our personalities. So, I say YES, your pet can mirror your personality and maybe the best human-animal bonds are those with pets that you can relate to most.

Are you a cat person or a dog person? Your preference may say a lot about who you are. An online survey done by the University of Texas –Austin found that some common ideas about pet lovers might be true. Let’s explore some of these some of these Personality survey results; and you may find you’re more like your furry friend than you realized.

  • Dog people were 11% more conscientious than cat people. It appears they are more self-disciplined, they have a strong sense of duty and they tend to be “planners”.
  • Dog people were 15% more extroverted than cat people. Dog people were viewed as more outgoing, enthusiastic, positive and energetic.
  • Cat people were 11% more likely to be open because they are seen as curious, creative, artistic and non -traditional thinkers.
  • If you’re a dog person, you’re 13% more likely to be agreeable than a cat person because agreeable people tend to be: trusting, altruistic, kind, affectionate and sociable.
  • Cat people were 12% more likely to get stressed out or neurotic than dog people. They become more anxious and worrisome.

So, can your pet reflect your personality? The typical dog tends to be energetic, faithful, and easy to get along with, well, so do the people who love them.  The typical Cat Person tends to be more curious, unconventional in thinking and actions, and more prone to worry than dog people.

I tend to be a dog person AND a cat person, loving each for their own special blends of traits. Which are you?

Source: pets.webmd.com


5 thoughts on “What Does Your Pet Say About the “Real You”?

    1. I think it is funny because even more since my head injury, I am very much both. I am (and always have been) extroverted, but since my head injury, I find that I am more creative and introspective. I wonder if perhaps now I am more in touch with both sides! 🙂


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